What are the nicknames of BTS members?

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What are the nicknames of BTS members?

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What are the nicknames of BTS members?

  1. RM // Kim Namjoon

God of Destruction (he is clumsy),

RapMon (his old name is RapMonster),

Namu (his name in Japanese is Na-Mu-Jun instead of Nam-joon),

the moon/moonchild (he said he is like a moonchild who prefer nights than day)

1 Min English Teacher (he had a segment where he taught JK English for 1 min on vlive)

2. JIN // Kim Seokjin

Worldwide Handsome

Worldwide funny Guy

The Car-door guy (from MMA 2015)

The 3rd guy from the left (from BBMAs 2017, referring to Jin who is 3rd from the left in their official standing order)

pig-jin (dwae-jin in Korean) because he is the eater of the group

Chef Jin (he cooks the most for the group)

mad-nae (a combination of maknae (the youngest) and mad-hyung (the oldest), as he is the oldest but act like the maknae)

fake maknae - for the same reason as above ^

used to be (attention : he don’t like to be called this! it’s just part of the memory so I still list is here)

eomma Jin (mom Jin)

Princess Jin

Pink Princess

he didn’t like these names as he refused to be referred with female pronouns, and he said he stopped liking pink!

3. SUGA // Min Yoongi

Minstradamus (his words/predictions always come true)

Suga-JeonJae-Jjang-Jjang-Man-Bboong-Bboong (genius suga)

Agust D

Grandpa Yoongi

Father Yoongi (as in a dad of the group, not the church)

Lil meow meow (by both korean and intl fans)

Yeon Ki Min (he said that will be his English name)

Min Yoonji (a skit from Run BTS!)

Min Slug - a nickname by Korean Fans

4. JHOPE // Jung Hoseok

The sun/sunshine

Army’s hope


The guy in red hair and gold jacket (from their stage on Jimmy Kimmel)

The sound effect of the group

Team dance leader (tim-jang-nim, by Korean fans)

Golden Hyung (multi-talented)

J-HOOOOOOOOOPE (how BTS esp Suga used to call his name to hype him)

j-dope // j-nope

JAY (a name when he is in America because he turn all swaggy compared to in SK)

HOPE (hui-mang)

5. JIMIN // Park Jimin


manggae-ddeok (a type of rice cake)


fairy of the group

6. V // Kim Taehyung



CGV (for his good looks)

Mong-tae (korean), which means Blank Tae

7. Jungkook // Jeon Jungkook

Golden Maknae (multi-talented, and the youngest)

KooKoo (by Japanese fans)

Jungoo/Koo (by intl fans as they realized sometimes, when Bts called JK’s name, they said it in a fast speed, it was like they said ‘jun-goo ah’ instead of ‘jung-kook ah’

bunny (tokki) - by korean fans


Justin Seagull (he came from Busan and Busan is famous for Seagull, and he is a fan of Justin Bieber)

international playboy

muscle pig (the most muscular and strongest in the group)